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5 ways to use a learning journal

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TweetIs there anything with more potential than a blank notebook? How about a learning journal filled with examples of your own learning journey? A notebook can be used to keep track of your goals and can be a space for you to reflect on how you’ve progressed. Here are five ways you can use a […]

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Top reasons for the design sprint in education

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google design sprint

TweetFirst of all, what is a design sprint? The sprint methodology was created by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures. By following this methodology, you will work for 5 days to solve a big problem. Each day, you go through a series of exercises developed to guide you to achieve the main goal for the day. […]

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Impressive social media campaigns

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TweetInteresting social media campaings that made waves Did you know that 78% of businesses have dedicated teams for their social media and social media ccampaigns? This is up from 67% five years ago, demonstrating that increasingly, organizations are acknowledging the power of social media to attract and engage customers. The bad news? Webbiquity reports that 83% of customers have […]


10 essential components of a pitch deck

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TweetPitch decks are known for startups to raise money at an early stage. But the principle of a pitch deck can be used for many other situations also – e.g. “selling” your business idea internally. So the question is, what should a pitch deck include? At a high level, it should tell the story in […]

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Creative Leadership

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TweetWhy it’s an essential skill in today’s changing workplace Developing a creative environment where people are free to perform and share ideas without fear of judgment or failure is the ethos. If people fear failure for judgment, they will refuse to participate. Failure is a necessary part of most successful ideas, because success rarely comes […]


How to build a culture of innovation

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Tweet Using tools like Design Thinking or others are a fine thing for doing innovation. But the requirements that innovation within an organization really can work and be successful, organizational culture is essential. So before starting with tools, let’s start with a culture of innovation. The following 5 steps might help you setting one up:

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Baseball for business…

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TweetLast week I had the pleasure to meet Gabe Ribas, head coach of the Broncos Santa Clara Baseballteam. So I had the opportunity to get to know baseball, how it is played but also what is the philosophy of the club. It seems that baseball is quite different to all other ball games. Where as […]