How to build a culture of innovation

Using tools like Design Thinking or others are a fine thing for doing innovation. But the requirements that innovation within an organization really can work and be successful, organizational culture is essential. So before starting with tools, let’s start with a culture of innovation. The following 5 steps might help you setting one up:

Step 1: Get support from the top of the organization

Before you can attempt to change the culture in an organization you must get approval from senior management. It is important that you have their endorsement and support in your attempt to create a culture of innovation. Attempting to change the culture of an organization can be risky and requires resources and time. With the support of senior management you will have legitimacy within the organization to move forward.


Step 2: Define Innovation in Terms of your Organization

Innovation is not universal and the same definition does not apply to all organizations. It is important when attempting to change the culture of your organization to create your own definition of innovation that applies specifically to your organization. By creating a custom definition of your organization it determines the behavior that you want to encourage to all members of the organization.


Step 3: Put the Process and Tools in Place to Implement

In this step it is important that you do all preparation necessary for members of the organization to adapt to the new culture. All the resources must be put in place to allow for idea generation and creativity. Help fellow organization members by providing the tools necessary to think through ideas. Also, you must manage and prioritize the ideas so that the best ones are identified and implemented into the organization.


Step 4: Make Sure Everyone is Included

It might sound very easy and logical, but in practice it is still a big challenge. The best ideas can come from anyone on the team and from unexpected areas. It is important that there aren’t any restrictions and that everybody has the opportunity to be in the flow of creativity. The difficult here is that employees really get the time for innovation – a conflict with all the daily tasks that have to been done.


Step 5: Measure Progress and Celebrate Success

Measuring helps to get an objective feedback if a change is on a successful road or not – the same is for changing to a new culture of innovation. In order to get everybody on board, the results should be visible to everyone in the organization. And don’t forget to celebrate success – a motivation factor for upholding the engagement.

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