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Apps for sustainability

Technology aims to serve and ease human beings in our daily activity. This blog has the goal to show how technology, in particular through some “apps”, support the monitoring, control, recommending and/or fostering sustainable habits in the citizens. Some of these apps are:


joulebugEach time you do something that shows you made an effort toward sustainability, the app rewards you with badges, points and pins. For instance, if you remember to use a reusable coffee mug versus paper cup, points for you! It works in a community, so that you can compare your performance with that of your friends. Also the bonus feature of JouleBug is the option to sync up to utility bills to see just how much is saved each month.

Available: Android, iOS.

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Digital meets sustainability – Eco-Design Awards 2015

In October, it was celebrated the Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2015. Among the projects of interest in the area digital and sustainability, the following can be mentioned:

It’s a compact luminary with LED technology that offers cool downlighthigh lighting efficiency and visual comfort on an elegant and compact design. It stands out because of integrating concepts of the circular economy like lengthen the useful lifecycle of the product and its design for dismantle.

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Using new technologies to reduce CO2 emissions

Using new technologies to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions while attending international conferences

Now that the Climate Change Conference is taking place in Paris with one of its main goals the CO2 reduction, then I wonder if attending to this international conference could be optimized in order to reduce the CO2 emitted just for attending this conference.

I am not expert in CO2 calculation but with support from different sources in internet I found that for an intercontinental flight of approx. 15.000 km (total roundtrip) which transports 10 passengers, including aircraft and presidential companion, then just for arriving and leaving the conference, we are talking of around 35 tons of CO2 per intercontinental flight. If 150 representatives from different countries are travelling from around the world to the conference, we are talking about the emission of around 5000 tons

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