Digital meets sustainability – Eco-Design Awards 2015

In October, it was celebrated the Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2015. Among the projects of interest in the area digital and sustainability, the following can be mentioned:

It’s a compact luminary with LED technology that offers cool downlighthigh lighting efficiency and visual comfort on an elegant and compact design. It stands out because of integrating concepts of the circular economy like lengthen the useful lifecycle of the product and its design for dismantle.

  • Fliwer

It’s a technological system aimed to the optimisation of irrigation at the agricultural and gardening sector. It’s monitors and controls take into account meteorology and therefore provides the necessary water to the plants. It can be used by remote control from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

It refers to a mini-aerogenerator for domestic use, which consists of a mini wind turbine to be placed on any type of facades of houses or buildings. It allows therefore the use of renewable energy at domestic level and saves on the consumption of resources.

It’s a multifunctional self-powering central unit that purifies water and generates electricity and internet connectivity through photovoltaic and solar thermal energy. The central unit generates three million litres of water and 25 MWh of electricity per year.

These products offer innovative solutions to energy and water efficiency, waste and drinking water which are main challenges for sustainable development.

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